How Much Can I Rent My House For?

How Much Can I Rent My House For in Grand Rapids and-or West Michigan

HOW MUCH CAN I RENT MY HOUSE FOR IN GRAND RAPIDS AND/OR WEST MICHIGAN? At Simple Property Management, one of the leading Grand Rapids Property Management companies, we get this question all the time. “I want to rent my house out, how much will it rent for?” This is a loaded question because there is…

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How to Budget for Capital Expenditures

CAPITAL EXPENDITURES- PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES We get tons of questions on capital expenditures. When we get a call for property management services in Grand Rapids, we also get questions on capital expenditures. Want to learn about capital expenditures? Read below! WHAT ARE CAPITAL EXPENDITURES? Capital expenditures are items that cost you money, but are not…

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Screening Tenants

Tenant Screening services

We have many owners that approach us and ask what our process is for properly screening tenants. The process is very simple. We suggest developing your process and sticking to it! SCREENING TENANTS FOR SUCCESS TENANT APPLICATION The first step to screening tenants is to have a good application and charge for it! Charging an application fee will weed…

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How Well Do You Know Your Rental Property?

RENTAL PROPERTY TENANTS- IMPORTANT ITEMS TO KNOW It is important to take the time to know where important items are in your rental property in case of emergency. Since it is easy to forget where these items are, it’s a good idea to refresh your memory. Water Shut Off Valves- Most rental properties in Grand…

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