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Archive for October 2017

Simple Home Property Management Eviction Process

  In this video, Jon Smith of Simple Home Property Management, talks about our company’s eviction process: what do we do when the tenant doesn’t pay? The first thing that needs to be done is to assess the tenant’s late charge and then we send them a 7-day notice. This notice really just says that…

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Property Manager Update – September 2017 Grand Rapids Rental Rates

  Below are the Grand Rapids rental rates for the month ending September 2017.  As a professional property manager in Grand Rapids, MI we are always watching rental rates.  We have consulted with other landlords and property manager companies in the area and these numbers are pretty accurate.  We are all seeing rental rates dip…

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Property Management Evictions

A property managers favorite week!  Rent week!  Watch the video below for the eviction process. For a written out process of evictions, click here! If you would like a free rental assessment, contact us today! Simple Home Management is a leading Grand Rapids property management company and specializes in working with property owners with one to 30 rental…

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10 Lethal Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

10 LETHAL MISTAKES REAL ESTATE INVESTORS MAKE NO PLAN! Rental Properties are a business- not a one-time transaction. Look at owning the property as a long-term investment (20 plus years). If you were going to be involved in a business for over 20 years, wouldn’t you have a plan? How many properties do you want…

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