Application Criteria

This Rental Application Fee Disclosure Statement

(“Disclosure Statement”) outlines certain information related to your rent application fee.

You are notified of and acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. Prior to paying the rental application fee, you have received a copy of the Disclosure Statement and all referenced exhibits.
  2. Your application will be judged based on the criteria attached as (the “Criteria”).
  3. We have disclosed the rental application fee to you, including in any advertisement and postings related to the available rental unit and the actual rental application fee charged is consistent with those disclosures.
  4. In the event the rental unit that you applied for is not available, you agree that we may place you on our waiting list for no more than 30 days.
  5. The screening process for our rental units includes a review of the referenced Criteria, including as may be completed through a third party. The name and contact information for the screening agency used is: Resident Research- 4400 Morris Park Dr. STE M Charlotte NC 28227
  6. The rental application fee listed consist of the below charges. Applicant acknowledges that we may incur such costs which are reasonable and necessary to complete the screening and background check process.
  7. $15.00 – 1 Credit, 1 criminal, 1 eviction screening
  8. $15.00 – Each additional credit, criminal, eviction screening
  9. $30.00 – Landlord Verification (2 years), Employment and income verification (6 months)
  10. $25.00 – Office time to add the applicant to software and review application/background/credit, income and employment.
  11. $10.00 – Denial notification letters and mailings.
  12. You will be provided with any paperwork or copies of electronic correspondence generated as a result of the screening process, to the extent permitted by State and Federal Law. In the event that you are not approved for a rental unit, you will receive a notice explaining the reason(s) along with a list of resources that you may use to assist with future application processes. Any correspondence related to this Disclosure Statement will be mailed to the current address provided by the applicant via US Mail.

Within thirty (30) days of receipt of a denial, the applicant may, if he or she believes the City Ordinance has been violated, file a written complaint with the City Manager or the City Manager’s Designee, addressed to : City Manager, City of Grand Rapids, 300 Monroe Ave NW # 1, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, Attention: Rental Application Fee Ordinance Complaint.

You will be contacted by our leasing office on the status of your application. Applications are generally completed within 3-4 days.


Simple Property Management has set standards for qualifications. Below are our standards:

Applications are non-fundable. Contact Simple Property Management to make sure your unit is still available.


Resident Benefits Package-

The Simple Property Management Resident Benefits Package (RBP) delivers savings and convenient, professional services that make taking care of your home second nature. By applying, Applicant agrees to be enrolled and to pay the applicable cost of $39.95/month, payable with rent.

Your RBP may include, subject to property mechanicals or other limitations:

  • Changing filters, a known tenant responsibility, is now as easy as opening the front door. For our properties with HVAC, we’ve made every effort to ensure your obligation to change the filter(s) is as easy as possible by having them delivered to your door approximately every 90 days, or as required by your system. This service helps you save up to $250 per year, improves your indoor air quality, and reduces the hassles and liability of repairs.
  • Liability Insurance that meets all lease requirements from an A-rated carrier (You can opt-out by meeting the insurance requirements which can be found on the Resident Benefit Package page.
  • Utility concierge service: one call set up your general utility services, cable, and internet services – all at the best price available.
  • A resident rewards program that helps you earn rewards for just enrolling and paying your rent on time; enjoy saving on everyday expenses for a premier rental experience.
  • Credit building to help boost your credit score with timely rent payments.
  • $1M Identity Protection for all adult leaseholders complete with a US-based Identity Restoration Specialist
  • 24/7 online maintenance reporting aimed at making reporting those pesky maintenance issues easy and timely.
  • Home buying assistance for when the time is right to buy your “forever” home.
  • Easy access to your account, documents, and communication resources through our convenient online portal.
  • We know you’re busy, so choose from a variety of ways to make your rental payments online.
  • Vetted vendor network: we find the technicians, and you can feel comfortable knowing they are reputable, licensed, and insured.
  • Periodic preventive maintenance walkthrough to ensure your experience is comfortable and that your home is kept in tip-top condition.

NOTE: The total monthly cost of the Resident Benefits Package is all-inclusive, and no discounts will be given if any element of the package is unavailable due to a lack of HVAC or another limitation at a specific property.

Risk Mitigation Fee- Depending on the applicant(s) credit, an additional risk mitigation administrative fee may be added as a recurring monthly charge to the tenant(s) account. It has been shown through both statistical and historical analysis that an applicant's overall credit rating directly correlates to the risk and likelihood of default and unpaid rent. Applicant(s) with a lower overall credit rating pose a significantly higher risk and liability. The risk a landlord takes with an applicant with poor credit is similar to a bank charging a higher interest rate to a borrower with poor credit based on the higher risk for potential default. In an effort to mitigate that risk and allow applicants with a less than perfect credit rating to still gain approval for their chosen property. We have implemented a scoring model that allows applicants to pay a monthly fee to offset the increased risk and exposure that comes with approving applicants with less than a reasonable (not excellent) credit rating. The following scoring model based upon the applicant(s) credit score(s) and which will determine the applicant(s) monthly Risk Mitigation Administrative Fee:

Credit Score Based:

650+ = $0

620-649 = $20

600-619 = $30

** In the event that a Co-Signer is required to make up for either the Applicant(s) lack of qualifying credit or qualifying income, the Risk Mitigation Administrative monthly fee will automatically default to the highest monthly charge amount stated above. 



Net Income (after taxes): 3x Rent total for all financially responsible residents.  Child support must be court-ordered to be counted. Residents must be on the job for a minimum of 6 months.  If a resident has a new job, there must be no “break” between jobs.  Unemployment does not count towards income.  NO HOME-BASED BUSINESSES ARE ALLOWED

Credit: 600 Credit Score-  No outstanding collections for utilities.  Bankruptcies/foreclosures must be discharged for two years.  No more than $2,500 past due debt (medical loans disregarded), no more than 3 accounts in collection.  No money owing for child support.  For more than one resident, credit score will be averaged.  

Resident History:  Two years of good resident history.  Family/friends will require a higher deposit.  Nothing owed to a previous landlord. No court filings in the past two years.

Background:  Simple Property Management conducts criminal history screenings in accordance with HUD guidelines. We prohibit any potential occupants with a criminal background that poses a discernible threat to the safety of residents or property. This encompasses felony convictions within the last 5 years, repeat felony offenses, or misdemeanor convictions within the last 2 years related to the following categories:

  1. Dishonesty/fraud: Including non-financial fraud, falsification, false reports, perjury, identity theft, and tax violations.
  2. Driving under the influence offenses.
  3. Drug Possessions: Excluding marijuana.
  4. Drug trafficking/manufacturing: Including marijuana.
  5. Other crimes against persons: Such as assault, harassment, domestic violence, kidnapping, child abuse, and endangerment.
  6. Other crimes against property: Such as animal cruelty, larceny, theft, burglary, arson, vandalism, graffiti, and criminal trespassing.
  7. Financial non-violent offenses: Such as embezzlement, money laundering, blackmail, bribery, and bad/worthless checks.
  8. Sexual offenses: Including rape, sodomy, child sexual abuse, and indecent exposure.
  9. Violent offenses: Such as murder, non-negligent manslaughter, aggravated assault, forcible rape, breaking and entering, and robbery.
  10. Weapons offenses: Such as brandishing, concealed/carry violations, and illegal possession.

Additionally, any applicant identified in the OFAC/terrorist database records will be automatically disqualified from consideration.

Co-Signer: Co-Signers must have a credit score of 720, an income of 5x rent, and qualify based on background and resident history standards.



Required Documentation for Each Source of Income

W2 Employment

For applicants with a W2 employment, we require EACH of the following-

  • A minimum of three current, consecutive pay stubs.  These must be the most recent pay stubs.
  • Most recent and current full-month bank statement(s) showing the actual deposits that reflect the deposits of at least two payroll transactions.  Lists of deposits or screenshots are not accepted.
  • Employment verification- Please provide the first/last name and company email address for your employer or HR representative who can verify your employment.

**If you are just starting a new job and do not have three consecutive pay stubs, provide all pay stubs you have received as well as a signed offer letter.

Business Owners

If you own a business or are a 1099 employee, we will require EACH of the following:

  • Business owners- the business must have been in business for at least two years.
  • At least six most recent and consecutive months of bank statements showing itemized deposits.
    • These bank statements must be from a personal bank account.
    • If you only have a business checking account or your income is reflected as transfers in your personal checking account, you may provide the required six months of statements for your business checking account AND proof of sole proprietorship.
    • If you own a business, we may also need two years of business AND personal tax returns to show proof of income.

Social Security Income

  • We require an official award letter from SSI or other government agency/program stating how much you receive on a monthly basis.
  • We require at least three most recent and consecutive months of bank statements showing itemized deposits.

Child Support And/Or Alimony

  • We require documentation that the child support is court-ordered.
  • We require at least six most recent and consecutive months of payment history.  Bank statements or statements from your child support website will suffice.
  • We require official documentation showing how long you will continue receiving child support.

** In all income cases, you will be required to connect your bank account to prove your income **


Other Information

Pets- If we allow pets, there may be certain restrictions on breed.  No aggressive breeds will be accepted.  Applicants with Pets must provide documentation that the pet is free from fleas and ticks AND that the pet is spade/neutered. If you have a pet, there is an additional per pet application charge which is administered by a third-party pet screening tool.  ESA animals also use the third-party pet screening tool, but there is no charge for the tool.  You can fill out your pet application here:

Pet Fees

If you have a pet, you will be required to pay a $300.00 Pet Administrative Fee for one pet plus $150 per additional pet upon move-in. This is a one-time fee. In addition to this fee, you will also have monthly pet admin fees per pet. The amount of the pet fee is determined based upon the "Paw Score" that assigns to your pet.  No aggressive breeds will be accepted.  This score is determined using a proprietary formula that takes into account things like pet age, weight, vaccination records, etc. The following are the monthly pet fee amounts (per pet):

5 Paws - $35.00/mo

4 Paws - $40.00/mo

3 Paws - $50.00/mo

2 Paws - $60.00/mo

1 Paw - $85.00/mo


If you have a fish, you are still required to pay the above pet fee on the fish.  Fish aquariums/tanks must not be any larger than 25 gallons.  Birds are not allowed.


We are pledged to the letter and spirit of the U.S. Policy for the Achievement of Equal Housing Opportunity throughout the Nation. We encourage and support a program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Handicap, Familial Status, or National Origin.

All adults (18+ y/o) intending to live in the property must submit an application and pay the application fee of $50 (no exceptions). Applications will not be processed until the fee is paid. Application Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Simple Property Management highly encourages all Applicants or their Agents to physically tour the home BEFORE making a deposit on the property.

Fees: The application fee is non-refundable.  Lease administration fee- $150 due at move in.  This is a non-refundable one time charge. 

The security deposit must be paid with money order, cashiers check, or some form of certified funds.  No cash will be accepted at our office. If the application is approved and the applicant pays the deposit, the property will not be marketed and will be made unavailable to other tenants.  The deposit will not be refunded if the tenant decides they do not want the property/unit.

You agree that the property is fit for habitation and you accept the property as-is.

Applicant consents and OPTS-IN to Simple Property Management using SMS/text messaging as a form of communication in regard to properties for rent, showings, lease-related items, etc.  Simple Property Management NEVER sells or shares your information with other companies.

The application criteria is subject to change without notice.

Please read carefully and thoroughly complete the application. If you have any questions, contact us immediately.

The applicant understands that multiple applications may be accepted.


To access the application, click on the unit on our available properties page.