Moving Checklists

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We're eager to help our tenants make a successful transition as they move into a new property. Whether you've just been accepted into a Simple Property Management rental home or you're preparing to say goodbye, the details listed on this page should provide a comprehensive overview of what you can expect during the moving process.

If you still have questions after reading through this page, give us a call: (616) 329-6318

Move-in Checklist

First Month's Rent & Security Deposit

Your first month's rent and security deposit are both due at the lease signing. Confirm the amounts with us in advance.

Move-in Date & Inspection

The move-in date for your home and all initial inspection information will be provided at the lease signing.


Please note, as a tenant in our property, you are responsible for keeping utility accounts current. Please speak with a member of our team at the lease signing to ensure you have all necessary information.

Move-out Checklist

Notice of Intent to Vacate

Refer to the terms and conditions outlined in your lease to determine your legal move-out date. You are responsible for paying rent through that date.

Please provide us with written notice of your intent to vacate the premises, at least 30 days in advance.

Property Condition

Your home needs to be returned to its original rental condition before you hand in the keys. Please use our property condition checklist as a guide in determining whether you've addressed all of the responsibilities on your plate.

Security Deposit

The security deposit you pay at the lease signing protects against any damage that could occur during your stay. We perform a final inspection after your departure and if we identify any damage, we will make arrangements for repairs. All costs for these repairs will come from the deposit.

The remainder will be returned to you with an itemized invoice.