Emotional Support Animals in Property Management

Emotional support animals and property management

Emotional support animals that are legitimate to help people, and not the emotional support animals who are only used as a way to get out of paying any pet fees. There are a lot of emotional support animal letters available online for you to buy and use. But here at Simple Home Management, we want to make sure the emotional support animals that are in our property are legitimate support animals because we have a fiduciary responsibility to our owners.

Pet Screening

We are using now the company called PetScreening.com, which was started by John Bradford, a fellow Property Manager. This site is compliant and in accordance with HUD/Fair Housing – and it is HIPAA compliant too. The process is simple: if you have an emotional support animal, we’re going to send them to the website, where it’s NOT going to charge the tenant (or our client) any pet fee, you have to fill everything out, documentation should be turned in, and we will get a report saying it’s a legitimate emotional support animal or not. The site is also used for pets – having the same process but only charged for a pet fee.

Pet Guarantee

Simple Home Property Management guarantees that if you’ll allow pets, we will cover up to $300 above and beyond the security deposit for any pet damage. This is not for emotional support animals but for pets that you’ll allow that we’ll charge a pet fee on. Remember, always make sure that you have a process down for when somebody puts on an application for emotional support animals and get charged for it because it is seriously illegal.

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You can view the emotional support dinosaur here.

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