Handling Coin-Operated Laundry in Rental Properties

What should you do with coin operated washers and dryers in your property?

Providing an on-site laundry facility in your rental properties is always a plus. The trouble is the upkeep of these machines, especially coin-operated ones.

Hire a Professional Laundry Company

We suggest you hire a professional company to handle the servicing and coin collecting for your properties with laundry facilities, and they will pay you a commission.  Our property management company in Grand Rapids does not collect coins, so we use Gerrit’s Appliance  to maintain the laundry facilities in property we manage.

Find a reputable company and read the contract

Before you sign a contract, read it thoroughly. We have seen 5 year contracts that only had a 30 day window in the middle of the contract to cancel it.  Find an experienced company with a good reputation and a reasonable contract.

Handling Coin-Operated Laundry in Rental Properties

In the video, we are at a property in Coopersville collecting the final coins from the machines before moving the washer and dryer that are blocking access to the boiler and water heater. The appliance company will be swapping out these machines for theirs. Typically you can get some type of buyback for the old appliances. Another advantage of using a professional company is that they have have a variety of types of washers and dryers so they can find the best solution for the space you have.

Hiring a commercial laundry company to handle servicing and coin collecting removes the headache from having a coin operated laundry area in your property.  Our property owners receive their commission each month, and have peace of mind that the laundry machines are being taken care of by a professional.

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