Make Sure Your Property is Ready for Winter

In this video, Jon of Simple Property Management, talks about getting your property ready for winter. Pretty soon we are going to have snow, ice, sleet, rain, wind, potential branches falling with all of that and it is very important that you make sure that your property is properly prepared to handle these items. We encourage our tenants to walk around the property before the winter, and check and make sure that the siding is still secure, nothing blew off in the wind.

Check that the fascia is still secure, that all of the roofing materials are still up there and that no shingles blew off in the summer or anything like that. Check the chimney, make sure that the chimney is good. These are all visual inspection items, nothing serious, nothing very costly. I also like to do an inspection on the foundation in the basement and make sure that there are no little holes that the wind is going to blow through and potentially freeze the pipes in the winter–and get those sealed up. We encourage all tenants to check all their windows and make sure they are fully closed, because we realize that some of these older windows, they act like they’re closed but they’re really not, and cold air can come in through those. Then you may also want to check that there are no branches that are close to the roof (if those are close to the roof, make sure to get those trimmed back and make sure that in the wind it is not going to hit your roof).

This is just a small list, it is a very easy list to do, and it helps with about 90% of your issues in the winter months. If you have any questions, give us a call at 616-329-6318.