Property Management Technology


At Simple Property Management we a lot of questions about what types of technology we use everyday. Managers that specialize in Property Management in Grand Rapids have a wealth of technology and we are going to go over them today.

We use a specific property management software that is state of the art. As a property manager in Grand Rapids, in our opinion, we NEED to have great technology. The reason being is many tenants in Grand Rapids don’t want to always talk on the phone, drop off rent, or even mail rent.


We use a custom property management specific software. For an owner, this means that the accounting is easy to read. Some other software packages are not exactly meant for property management. This means that reports, tenant accounting, or owner accounting may be done differently. Our software’s reporting is specific for rental properties. We can run background and credit checks in an instant with our software. This speeds up the leasing process.

Through our online software, we can upload pictures to a move out inspection and have the pictures shared to the owner in very little time. Owners love this because they know exactly what is going on at their property.

Our owners have an online portal. They can view reports, make contributions and view inspections, among other things. Simple Property Management built a custom database software for tracking work orders, lease renewals, vendors, and city inspections.  When you are choosing a company for Property Management in Grand Rapids, you want them to have some of the best technology out there.

Our tenants love our technology because they can email us, text us, or put work orders in with the software. They can also pay online for free with e-check!


We use a leasing software that is also specific to property management. This means a tenant can set up a showings 24/7 from their computer or phone.


Something that a lot of owners don’t think about is our back-end process management. Being in Property Management in Grand Rapids, we must be on top of a lot of details. We use a process management software to make sure we take care of all the details with your rental property.

We are always on the look out to find the newest, most consistent, and best software around. If you have any questions about our technology, please feel free to reach out to us!

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