What is an Emergency?

In this video, Jon Smith of Simple Home Property Management, talks about identifying a real emergency. Provided below are a couple of examples of some emergencies:

(1.) Flood – obviously if you can shut the water off and then call us that is the best thing to do, and in the meantime go ahead and try to stop some of the water.

(2.) Fire – this is also an emergency but call 911 first and then call us.

(3.) No heat – if it’s 3AM and you can make it through the night, we do ask that you try to do that and also consult your tenant’s handbook as we have some guidelines there on how to go through. Try to get the heat going without sending somebody out.

(4.) Clogged toilet – this is not an emergency if there is another usable toilet in the unit. That means, if you have 2 bathrooms and 1 toilet is clogged, that is not an emergency. Call us the next business day.

(5.) Clogged sink – if there is another usable sink, this is not an emergency. Call us the next business day and we will send somebody out right away.

I hope this video helps. If you have questions about whether an item is an emergency or not, we are available 24/7. Just give us a call at 616-329-6318. If you have further questions about our excellent property management services or would like to see our available GrandRapidsHomesforRent, please don’t hesitate to call us or visit our website. Thanks for watching!

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