Evictions! Part 1

Evicting tenant Grand Rapids can be tough (but not if you have a property manager in Grand Rapids!).  You have a relationship with the person- sometimes it can be a personal friendship.  The tenant then doesn’t pay and you feel terrible about evicting your friend. OR you may not know the process of evicting…


The #1 rule when dealing with tenants- Do not make close friends with your tenants.  Of course you are going to be friendly to them, but do not get involved with their personal life. You should have guidelines for dealing with tenants. If a tenant wants you to do something outside those guidelines, then you should decline.

There are times when you may not always follow this rule, and you as the owner will need to make that call. Here are some tips of how to handle the process of evicting someone in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In other areas, the eviction process could be a little different so be sure to check with your attorney before you evict someone.
Once the tenant does not pay, it is time to do the 7 day notice. Mail the notice soon after the grace period expires. Even if you have a payment plan with the tenant, you still need to send it. If the tenant does not follow through with payment, then you have already started the eviction process.
After seven days, if the tenant hasn’t paid, then file in court and they will give you a date to appear in court. We always suggest to go for possession and money judgement- that is what our attorney suggests we do and you will want to consult your attorney on that. Bring your lease and any other items (tenant payment ledger, extra charges, etc.) to court with you.

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