Evictions! Part 2


If you haven’t checked out evictions part 1, check it out here!  Evictions Grand Rapids isn’t all that tough!  Once you win at court, the tenant has a certain amount of days to pay.  If the tenant does not pay, then you file again with the court for the writ. Then the court will send you the paperwork back for the writ. Either you will call the court officer or the court officer will call you to schedule a time to move the tenant out.
Since you will be moving items to the curb, bring heavy duty trash bags and gloves. Bring extra labor! The court officer charges by the hour when you are moving stuff out. Make sure that you change the locks when you are there. Keep all the receipts as you will want to try to recover that from the tenant.
You will have to leave the items on the curb for a certain amount of time.  In Grand Rapids MI, we cannot touch anything for 24 hours.  After 24 hours, you should go to the property, inspect it, and remove the rest of the items/trash from inside the unit and the curb.  Remove the items from the curb then you will want to try to work out a payment schedule for the tenant. Consult your attorney before making any payment arrangements.
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